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Tea Time

The Metamorphosis: 


"Tea Time" is a full-length play based on Mitch's experiences working in an all-boys orphanage in Bangalore, India in the summer of 2012.

"Tea Time" tells the tale of Prashanth, a young man born and raised in India but longing for something more. Through interactions with strangers, friends, family, and tea, Prashanth attempts to discover his place in his rapidly changing world.

"Tea TIme" premiered at South Texas College in June of 2013.

"The Metamorphosis: 2059" is a short play originally written for Transit Theatre Troupe's New Works festival and comissioned as part of a presentation by "World War Z" author Max Brooks.

The script is a futuristic retelling of Franz Kafka's iconic story, only this time Gregor Samsa must not only come to terms with his new identity as a cockroach, he must also deal with the recent nuclear apocalypse.


It premired at St. Edward's University in 2012

IDK :/

Dr. Lycanthorpe

"IDK :/" is part four of a four part series on adolescent relationships."

"IDK :/" is an autobiographical account of a high school relationship gone awry with the script taken from an actual text message conversation

The script was produced as a film and entered in the 2011 Sorin Reel Film Festival where it won second place.

"Dr. Lycanthorpe" is the tale of an average OBGYN with a small secret -

he's a werewolf.

This ten minute play chronicles a woman's routine pregnancy check up that just happens to occur as the sun is setting.  The longer it takes, the more ferocious Dr. Lycanthorpe becomes until he cannot hide who he is any longer.

"Dr. Lycanthorpe" won Best Play at Transit Theatre Troupe's New Works Festival 2011.

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