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Mitch holds a BFA from St. Edward's university in Austin, Texas and is an Actor's Equity Membership Candidate. He's performed Shakespeare on stage, commercial films on camera, new work debuts at independent theatres, children's shows on cafetorium stages, and everything in between. Oscar Wilde once said that theatre was "the most immediate way in which a human being can share with another the sense of what it is to be a human being," and Mitch couldn't agree more.

Sugar & Spice                        Mr. Stevens                    ZACH Theatre

Game On                                O/S                                Vortex Theatre

Hello In Finnish                       Hans                              Vortex Theatre

Measure for Measure             Provost                           Mary Moody Northen Theatre

Under Construction                Phil                                 Mary Moody Northen Theatre

B. Walters Talent Show          Traylor Fenway               Coldtowne Theatre

Territory                                  Henry Blessing              Transit Theatre Troupe

The Crucible                          Francis Nurse                 Mary Moody Northen Theatre

Hedda Gabler                        Lovborg,                         Mary Moody Northen Theatre

The Green Bird                       Renzo                             Cathedral of Junk

A Hotdog Story                       Mitch                              Avant Garde Awareness

Winterland                               Ari                                  Hyde Park Theatre

Ticket to the Moon                  Smitty                             Mary Moody Northen Theatre

Dog Sees God                        CB                                 Transit Theatre Troupe


The Mortified Guide                Self                                 Netflix Original Series

14/48 Austin Documentary     Self                                 Tilton River Films

Hard Bargain                          Liam                                Guilty Witness Productions
Just Desserts                          Waiter                             Melendez/Ruzika Films
IDK :/                                       Man                                Sorin Reel Film Festival
Gunslinger                              Cowboy                          Leadership Austin 


Don't Feed The Animals          Mal                                 Teacher Created Materials

Tornado Trouble                      Sam                                Teacher Created Materials

SEU Commerical                     Self                                 Tequila Mockingbird Studios
Hamlet                                     Laertes                           Teacher Created Materials
Romeo & Juliet                        Tybalt                              Teacher Created Materials
Macbeth                                   Macduff                         Teacher Created Materials
Othello                                      Iago                               Teacher Created Materials
Midsummer Night’s Dream      Lysander                        Teacher Created Materials

St. Edward’s University - Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theater Performance
Performance I-IV                               David Long                 St. Edward’s University
Voice for Performance                      Sheila Gordon             St. Edward’s University
Shakespearean Master Class           Rodney Cottier           LAMDA
Acting for the Camera                       Richard Robichaux    St. Edward’s University

On-Camera Training                          Leigh Kilton Smith      Independent Acting Coach

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