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Fun Facts About MitcheLl, SD

  • The number one thing listed in the art, culture and entertainment portion of the Mitchell Chamber of Commerce website is visiting the local Cabela's sporting goods store.

  • 1972 Democratic Presidential Nominee, George McGovern, was born in Mitchell.

  • Mitchell's most listened to radio station is 92.1 KORN FM (a country station obviously)

  • Mitchell is home to four world champion trees (the largest specimen of that tree in North America). They are the Black Cherry, Black Locust, Siberian Elm, and Tulip Tree.

  • Mitchell is home to the world's only corn palace, and every year, the corn cob mosaic murals on the facade of the building change!

  • Recreational marijuana may or may not be legalized at that point. Voters voted overwhelmingly to legalize in November, but the Governer is fighting it in court. A decision is expected this summer.

The origin

The year is 1998. Young Mitchell man was playing a rousing round of "Where In The World is Carmen San Diego?" and finished his lesson early. So he got a little curious and started googling his name. That's when he found it - Mitchell, South Dakota. Right then and there, he swore to visit. Somehow, someway, some day.
The day is in Sept.
The how is by plane.
The way is for the 11th annual awards show he made up to show his friends appreciation and affection.
Join me, won't you?


Deadline to RSVP - May 31, 2021

Ceremony - Sept 11, 8 pm. Mitchell, SD. 


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Why?   Idk. I'm so sorry.
How much will this cost?   I'm trying to minimize costs to the best of my ability. I will provide lodging, food/drinks, and day trip transportation.
Where should I fly into?   The closest airport is Sioux Falls, SD (FSD). They seem to be hovering around $350 from AUS for that weekend

What are we going to do?   This will depend on how many deep we're rolling, but local attractions include local breweries, Native-owned casinos, The Mitchell Corn Palace, and big ol' fields like you wouldn't believe.

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